Just-A-Rocken Farm

Certified trainer \ instructor for horseback riding lessons!

Western Riding Lessons, adult english, barrel racing, pole bending, games, obstacle trail ring training and centered riding!!!!

Riding western has been a big part of my life!
Not only has it taught me to care for a large animal it has taught me to trust in the horses I ride. 
Teaching lessons and seeing  how people grow in their learning about the horse is most rewarding. 
Horses have taught me so much and have so much to teach us as human beings its increadable to learn the horse language.
Here at my farm I will teach you how to learn to read them too.
Kids can learn responsabilty, care, and to treat them right with a soft touch. I have seen so many kids who are so shy that they dont speak but when they meet the horse it all can change!!

I pride myself on a positive experience for everyone who rides at my farm. I keep my pricing competitive for a private class one on one so you can get the most out of my lessons!!

I have studied and taught in the field methods from, Monty Roberts, Clinton Anderson, Craig Cameron, Parelli, John Lyons, Julie Goodnight, and Sally Swift.  All great trainers with alot of good training methods so it helps me with all differnt situations with horses and horse behaiver. 
Never stop learning its a wonderfull world of knowledge!! 
Learn right Train right be the best you can be for you and your horse!!!